Monument Valley

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UPDATED FEBRUARY 2, 2016 ***  TO SLOW DOWN OR REVERSE DIRECTION OF SCROLL, MOVE MOUSE LEFT ON SCROLL BAR  ***  TO SPEED UP MOVE MOUSE RIGHT ***       ****   ***   NO SUNDAY DANCE THIS WEEK, WEDNESDAY SHALIMAR COUNTRY CLUB 6P-9P, "HEY GIRL, GIVE ME THAT CREDIT,STRIP IT DOWN" ***       ***       This week up and coming:   ----   Starting in February 2016 Monday AM class at Holiday Palms 8:45a NuLine, 9:45am Beginner/Improvers, 1030am Intermediate/Advanced  ----   Tuesday class Mesa Regal 930am Beginner, 10:30am Improver; ----   Wednesday Shalimar 6pm, free lesson at 6:30pm, come dine, drink, dance; ----   Thursday class 8:45am Beginner, 9:30am Improver, 10:30am Intermediate, 11:30am Advanced ----   Friday class Viewpoint 8:45am Nuline, Stretch class 9:30am Beginner, 10:30am Improver 11:30am Intermediate/Advanced; ----    ----     ----   Have a great day & see you on the dance floor! Let us know.  ----   That's it for now..Happy dancing..Fran.. ****  ****  

We lost a true line dancing friend last week
Sandy Stockley


Sandy was very helpful when we took over line dancing in the East Valley. She danced with us for almost 13 years, became a good friend and we will miss her encouragement, advice, fun and friendship. Dancing was a big part of her life and she believed we were all her family. She helped to create the dancing environment we enjoy so much today.

Sandy Stockley passed February 3rd 2016